WinFellow is based on the Fellow emulator for DOS that was originally developed by Petter Schau in 1996, seeing its first release in 1997. Fellow was initially developed using Watcom C++ 11.

The WinFellow project was initially hosted on SourceForge; an archive of its original website from 2016 is still available. To travel even further back in time there is an even older version of the website from 2001.

In 2016 the project moved to its current home on GitHub. Older downloads are still available from the SourceForge project files area.

We sometimes get asked about older releases of Fellow for DOS as well as WinFellow, for a variety of reasons. This chronological version history of Fellow and WinFellow highlights some of the early versions and important milestones.

Our old backup CD-ROMs have begun to dissolve, so it is becoming an issue to preserve those releases.

We want to provide access to some of the legacy versions of Fellow that are no longer available anywhere else.

Release Date Version Remarks Downloads
- 0022/0023/0024 experimental private builds of Fellow (DOS) - missing -
22.01.1997 0024.1 first version to be widely circulated; required the files rom and df0.adf Binary
03.02.1997 0025 / 0.1 new versioning scheme; first release to support loading of Kickstart/AmigaDOS Binary
26.03.1997 0.1++ sourcecode release Source
08.04.1997 0.1a linedoubling, several emulation fixes Binary
? 0.2 - missing -
20.07.1997 0.2.1 fastmem expansion support, joystick-related fixes - missing -
? 0.2.2 green menu color; improved file selector and more config options - missing -
11.09.1997 0.3 much better console-based menu, hardfile support, more config options Binary Source
12.11.1997 0.3.1 - missing -
28.12.1997 0.3.2 Binary CompatibleBinary Source
25.01.1998 0.3.2a 0.3.2 with low-pass audio filter Binary Source
27.09.1998 0.3.3 Binary (Source missing)
07.06.1999 0.3.4 minor revision of 0.3.3; corrects an issue with a ROM on Amiga Forever V3 Binary Source
07.02.2000 0.3.5 last DOS version to be published by Petter Schau; blitter related bugfix Binary Source
09.03.2000 0.3.6 r1 The Fellow Project release 1; cheat engine, various optimizations TFP was a fork of Fellow and is only included for reference
19.05.2000 0.4 first release targeting Windows/WinFellow, initially hosted on SourceForge SourceForge
06.05.2005 0.4.4 build 2 last version to support Windows NT SourceForge
14.04.2013 0.5.1 completed the conversion to C code SourceForge
12.07.2019 0.5.8 last version to support Windows XP GitHub

This list is a work in progress; we do no longer have access to all of those builds ourselves, and some information may not be 100% reliable. The releases marked as - missing - could no longer be located by us.

If you have any corrections (like factually wrong or missing information), or if you still have access to some of the original files, we would be very grateful if you could contact Torsten.