WinFellow is developed by a team of volunteers in their spare time; you are very welcome to make contributions of your own. Contributions can be improvements to the code, new features, but can also include documentation updates or whatever else you feel could be an improvement. It is best if you find something you want to work on rather than mailing us and ask to be assigned a task. Since WinFellow is developed on an idealistic basis, the basic idea is that everyone should do something they like.

When you start doing something it is wise to mail some of us in advance to make sure no one is doing double work. Since WinFellow is developed as open source software hosted on GitHub, it is easy to contribute. You can fork the source code of WinFellow, create a branch for your topic and start commiting changes to it; your changes can be submitted to our project in form of a pull request. Raising a pull request early on allows us to discuss your request early, so that we can see if/how your request may fit into WinFellow before you put any effort into it.

There is a how-to guide in MarkDown syntax within the source code archive in the directory “fellow\doxygen\Documentation” called “HOWTO Development environment”, that can help you get started setting up a development environment for WinFellow.

Feel free to mail us (Petter Schau / Torsten Enderling) if you are interested in helping!