WinFellow v0.5.8 released

There is a new public release of WinFellow v0.5.8 in the GitHub releases section; it had been published earlier as release candidate 1.

Compared to the earlier version 0.5.7, the following changes are included in this build:

New features

  • support for RDB hardfiles was implemented; while creating a new hardfile from the WinFellow GUI still creates “plain” hardfiles, a Rigid Disk Block can be created using tools like HD Toolbox
  • the default naming scheme for filesystem devices has been changed from DHx: to FSx: to avoid naming conflicts with existing RDB hardfiles
  • a 64 bit build is now provided; the NSIS installer will install either the 32 or 64 bit version depending on the operating system that is used

Bug fixes

  • improved handling of hardware interrupts and blitter delays; fixes freezes that could occur during installation of Workbench in earlier 0.5.x versions
  • fix wrong selection of render function after return from menu when application did not write to bplcon0 every frame; fixes garbled graphics in a Legend cracktro when returning from menu
  • replaced alternating patterns for unmapped memory with proper random numbers
  • CLR reads before write; fixes loading of Outrun and a fast-mem test in Last Ninja 2
  • improve delay caused by logging in screen-mode enumeration (could amount to many seconds with multiple screens)
  • running in an environment with very slow graphics framerate, like a VM, could cause a deadlock; set wait time after event reset to avoid race condition
  • fix an issue where screenshots would occasionally not be taken in Direct3D graphics mode; this may also have impacted the ability to use Amiga Forever’s clipping editor
  • fix an issue where applying a new model preset would leave multiple blitter radio buttons selected

Maintenance updates

  • project files were updated to Visual Studio 2019 using the toolset v141_xp
  • the February 2010 DirectX SDK dependency was eliminated
  • IPF Access API files were updated to the latest version, and support for it was enabled in 64 bit builds

See the included file ChangeLog.txt for a full list of changes, including minor bug fixes which may not be listed above.

WinFellow v0.5.7 released

Bug fixes:

  • floppy code was updated to use a track limit > 80; it will output random data beyond track 80 - fixes Outrun/The Games: Summer Edition; also added missing checks for disabled drives, fixing Winter Olympics 94
  • fixed a bug where unexpected pixel format flags besides RGB stopped DirectDraw initialization
  • several bugs in the screenshot code were fixed; standalone screenshots were not saved correctly in D3D mode, and used with Amiga Forever raw screenshots were missing screen areas due to faulty initialization of the internal clipping areas
  • fixed screen area mismatch when Amiga Forever region/size settings are both set to auto; auto clipping is still not supported
  • CPU instruction fixes:
    • fixed a signed bug in 64-bit division
    • minor timing adjustment for btst
  • CIA event counter changes according to documentation
  • the project files were updated to Visual Studio 2017

Please see the included file ChangeLog.txt for a full list of changes, including minor bug fixes which are not listed above.

WinFellow v0.5.6 released

New features:

  • Amiga Forever 2017 support modules were updated to the latest version, improving Amiga Forever input device handling by reducing lag

Bug Fixes:

  • improve support for IPF images (align disk words to sync if sync is found on an odd boundary)

Please see the included file ChangeLog.txt for a full list of changes, including minor bug fixes which are not listed above.

WinFellow v0.5.4 released

New features:

  • re-designed display settings to make use of modern higher resolution displays more intuitive; instead of configuring a window resolution, scaling and overscan area can be configured automatically to create a window of the optimal size and scaling factor; both can also be configured manually to arrive at frequently window sizes
  • support for the Direct3D 11 graphics API; this requires DirectX 11 to be installed
    • on Windows Vista, the platform update KB971644 should be installed, as it contains required updates to DirectX
    • the graphics card has to provide hardware acceleration for Direct3D
  • ability to save screenshots to the pictures folder (hit < Print Screen > to trigger)
  • support for automatic, as well as 3x and 4x scaling, which is useful for 4K/high DPI displays; for the best results, try leaving the scaling at automatic
  • very basic serial port/UART emulation; nothing can be connected to the serial port; this is mostly used for serial debug logging (which is active only in debug builds of WinFellow), but the port is always being emulated

Bug Fixes:

  • improved frame timing to present frames in a more evenly paced manner
  • improvements to CIA timer handling
  • improvements to CPU instruction timing (TAS and PEA instructions)
  • fixed sound volume restoration during reset of Amiga session in Amiga Forever
  • improved error handling for DMS floppy image extraction
  • fixed minor memory leaks

Please see the included file ChangeLog.txt for a full list of changes, including minor bug fixes which are not listed above.

WinFellow has a new home

WinFellow development has found a new home on GitHub; please update your bookmarks accordingly.

Downloads for older releases are still available at SourceForge for reference; for future news and updates, please visit us here.

The GitHub source code repository is available here.

Future releases of WinFellow will be published in GitHub’s releases section.