WinFellow v0.5.11 released

There is a new public release of WinFellow v0.5.11 in the GitHub releases section; it had been published earlier as release candidate 1.

Compared to the earlier version 0.5.10, the following changes are included in this build:

New features

  • the default display driver was changed from DirectDraw to Direct3D 11, where supported
  • implemented support for keyboard-initiated reset in Amiga Forever

Bug Fixes

  • improved logging in case of failure to initialize Direct3d graphics driver
  • fix several issues related to creating, loading, applying and saving configuration files
  • fix potential memory leaks
  • implement more failure checks for Direct3D initialization
  • fix crash to desktop when using an emulated joystick in Amiga Forever

Maintenance updates

  • code refactoring
    • added sound driver interface and classes
    • redesign filesystem wrapper and logging
    • upgrade to cpp20
  • removed a Windows XP specific workaround from the filesystem module
  • reformatted the project using a uniform clang-format configuration

Please see the included file ChangeLog.txt for a full list of changes, including minor bug fixes which may not be listed above.