WinFellow v0.5.4 released

New features:

  • re-designed display settings to make use of modern higher resolution displays more intuitive; instead of configuring a window resolution, scaling and overscan area can be configured automatically to create a window of the optimal size and scaling factor; both can also be configured manually to arrive at frequently window sizes
  • support for the Direct3D 11 graphics API; this requires DirectX 11 to be installed
    • on Windows Vista, the platform update KB971644 should be installed, as it contains required updates to DirectX
    • the graphics card has to provide hardware acceleration for Direct3D
  • ability to save screenshots to the pictures folder (hit < Print Screen > to trigger)
  • support for automatic, as well as 3x and 4x scaling, which is useful for 4K/high DPI displays; for the best results, try leaving the scaling at automatic
  • very basic serial port/UART emulation; nothing can be connected to the serial port; this is mostly used for serial debug logging (which is active only in debug builds of WinFellow), but the port is always being emulated

Bug Fixes:

  • improved frame timing to present frames in a more evenly paced manner
  • improvements to CIA timer handling
  • improvements to CPU instruction timing (TAS and PEA instructions)
  • fixed sound volume restoration during reset of Amiga session in Amiga Forever
  • improved error handling for DMS floppy image extraction
  • fixed minor memory leaks

Please see the included file ChangeLog.txt for a full list of changes, including minor bug fixes which are not listed above.